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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from HEARTBREAK

Yet another free release from the homie David Heartbreak.  Just in time for every single person's most hated holiday comes The Love Movement featuring a cavalcade of artists and songs that will most certainly put you in the mood.  Check out the roster below and give these cats some love.  DOWNLOAD THE COMP RIGHT HERE.

Big Makk - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Jumo Daddy - Facebook | Soundcloud
Chooky - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Cy Kosis - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Yarin Lidor - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Strooly - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Ivarr - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Elonious - Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Jon Kwest - Twitter | Soundcloud

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cruising the Tube with New Wave 4 from Moomba+

Like Kelly Slater or Rob Machado or countless other surfers, it seems Moombahton again is riding a slow breaking wave to glory.  The fourth installment of the New Wave Of Moombahton series has fallen into the well suited hands of Moomba+ and the team has compiled a pretty spectacular group of established and emerging talents to grasp the helm of the 108BPM sword and strike down the enemies amongst us.  From solidly engrained producers like Cy Kosis, TEKNiCOLOR, and Sin Diesel who's track reminds us all that moombahton "ain't goin' nowhere"; to new talents like Drop That Cow!, Rotten Ralphie (Rot10 Musik founder), Foxsky, and Cliché who's deep cut "Bird's Eye" is probably my favorite of the entire comp.  Not only does The New Wave Of Moombahton IV showcase the modern sound that's been steadily developing within the movement, it harkens back to the dembow'd rhythms of old with tracks like "Bounce" from Beat Down the Kid and "La Moombah Le" from CMC505 & SK-ONE (a talented duo from New Mexico).  A well rounded edition to be sure and of course made available absolutely free RIGHT HERE from Tony and the kind soldiers at Moomba+.  Make sure to grab it and peep the tracks below.

Check out these folks in their various hiding spots:

Foxsky - facebook, twitter, soundcloud, tumblr
Fista Cuffs - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Cy Kosis - facebook, twitter, soundcloud, tumblr
Rotten Ralphie - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Rudeboi - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Beat Down The Kid - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
CMC505 - facebook, twitter, soundcloud, tumblr
SK-ONE - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
TEKNiCOLOR - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Sin Diesel - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Drop That Cow! - facebook, soundcloud
Paul Lee - facebook, twitter, soundcloud
Cliché - facebook, soundcloud

Friday, July 27, 2012

Stop, Drop, and Troll

This new EP from Aylen is getting tons of blog love so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring since it features some pretty awesome dudes and is definitely a release to of all, it's FREE!!  The titular track is a slice of delicious moombah pie served up by the Jersey kid himself and he did well on the remix front with flips from MTH homie Cy Kosis, Xristo, and Elonious.  My hands down favorite of the bunch has to be from fellow Garden State producer: Xristo; the heavy electro beat has got my head nodding fervently.  Grab them all y'all!!!

Like Aylen??  Like Aylen:


Thursday, July 19, 2012


A few weeks ago I asked MTH buddy Brent Tactic if he had any exclusive shit he could throw my way for our July takeover of KBOO.  The result was the track "Whoop" off Think 2wice Records next release, #DOPE from LA moombahton producer Cy Kosis.  Needless to say, I was stoked on the track so now that we're finally getting a look at the full EP I feel like it's a MUST to share it with y'all.  The four original tracks are pure moombahton and seriously some of the best stuff I've heard lately, Jamaal has seriously stepped his game up!!  In contrast to his likewise amazing Zambo EP, these four tracks are more groovy and seem to draw the listener into a futuristic (as the cover may suggest) underground night club somewhere in downtown Los Angeles; I can't help nodding my head to the beat and can imagine getting down on the dance floor with some sweaty off-world visitors in this dusty hot spot.  With remixes from Paul David, Aylen, and J-Trick this sucker is a well rounded release--to be expected from the Think 2wice fam--with uptempo as well as chilled out vibes streaming throughout.  It drops on July 31st but you can preview the tracks below!!

Are you down with it??  Check out Cy Kosis in your fav social media spots:


Monday, June 18, 2012

New Music Time!

Monday morning comes with a few early wake up call for sure--especially after a long weekend of raging--as well as the dreaded first work day of the week.  But lucky for you, Monday morning also means new music from your friends here at the MTH blog.  We've been on the hunt for tracks since last week and are dying to drop them on you, now that it's Monday and I'm fresh as hell in the studio here we go!  This week new stuff from MoonDoctoR, Loud Flavor, DJ Melo and more.

First up, here's an edit by the one and only JFK of MSTRKRFT. This dude is the chopping expert and he proves it time and again, this time flipping Autoerotique's latest, "Roll The Drums". Make sure to grab the EKG EP RIGHT HERE

Yellow Claw are a trio of producers coming out of Amsterdam that you should get to know. There stuff is a little on the wonky side, which is mainly why I'm so drawn to it I guess; check out this remix of their countrymen the Partysquad.

Now for the soul section of today's tracks, starting off with Loud Flavor's latest rework, this time my man Jeff takes on buzzcore sanger Frank Ocean and gives it the 108 treatment. Something about soft keys that work so perfectly for moombahsoul...

This track was brought to my attention via my inbox and I'm really happy dude sought me out cause this thing is dripping with steez and I'm more than willing to drop it on you this morning. Kadkad working the soul out of Justin Martin.

Don Valdez is another name you should get to know, in case you didn't already that is. His latest release, the Burqueño EP is out now and you can grab it RIGHT HERE

Now onto the hood shit...LeDoom and Vegas Banger going mad right here with their rework on Kanye's "Mercy". Huge bass on this one.

Our homeboy Jamaal has been putting out consistently heavy duty tracks and we always wanna show him mad love. Check out Cy Kosis' latest track y'all...the kid's got some talent.

Big Makk giving a hard edge to Ms. Goulding's smooth vocal on this re-up...FREE DL!

Oh my, you know I gotta show some SERIOUS love to the PHX fam. Love waking up to free DLs from the homie DJ Melo, this guy puts out some top notch stuff and he's a legend in the movement. Speaking personally, the homie Pickster is a cool cat, the Gunslingaz killed it at Muevelo last week and I've got extra special stuff from them coming before the end of the month so watch out.

Damn, another heater just dropping into my mail. This is a month old at this point but, still worth blasting out to y'all. There's still a few downloads left so grab it while you can and let Kaptain know where ya found him!

Closing it out this morning, a new track from MoonDoctoR...super glitchy bass track with extra hood pads throughout. This dude is on some other level stuff with this one, be about it ASAP.

Well that's it for this morning. Tons of stuff coming this week so keep it locked on the MTH facebook and twitter pages for the latest and greatest from your heavy music friends over here. Till we meet again y'all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Not Your Everyday Red-Head Anthem

The Rebel Records dropped Kilbourne's debut EP--Faye Reagan--on us all yesterday and it's absolutely freeeeee.  This future bass record features remixes from Zee Reach, Bongo Laser, Noms, and our home boy Cy Kosis.  I especially love the Bongo Laser remix for it's smooth rhythms and extra fancy whistles.  The B-side is also a rocking little gem; we're talking about seven tracks of pure GOLD!!  So check out the tracks below and make sure to grab the release RIGHT HERE.

Be a good little human and check out Kilbourne in all these spots:


Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday New-New Memorial Day Edition

We here at MTH wanna give a sincere thank you to all those soldiers who gave their lives to protect this great country we call home.  It is in their honor that we post the following amazing new tracks from the likes of K Spacely, Torro Torro, Sazon Booya, and many more.  In honor of Memorial Day this will be a silent post going forward, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Sleep On Cy Kosis

This dude's been on my radar for a few months now and lemme tell you this, his sound is BIG.  After hearing a few huge remixes and his feature on Jon Kwest's WMC comp last month we here at MTH felt it necessary to contact the dude about some new tuneage.  And he happily obliged!  So check out this mini-interview with Cy Kosis and peep his latest tune below.

Real Name:  Jamaal C. Taylor

Born in Manhattan and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York.  I live Los Angeles now
What's your FAV track out right now?
Original Don Flosstradamus remix! THAT SHIT SLAPS
What's your fav adult beverage?
Dogfish head 90 minute IPA  
How do you like your women?
Like I like my coffee ;}, a little cream and alot of sugar.
Other than EDM folks, who is your favorite band/musician?
Justin Beiber!!! Hahaha no really Flying Lotus (Is he EDM?), but in reality that changes every 2 weeks. I love every type of music, I also love Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Royksopp, Ratatat and Lil' Wayne.
Any upcoming shows you want to promote?
Yes! I'm playing a hipster music festival in Portland at then end of the month called Renn Fayre :}. If you're in Portland come through!!! It's going to be three days of awesome. I'm gna record the mix I do and put it out as free mixtape too so look out for that!!!
So be on the look out for my main man Cy Kosis and check out this brand new EXCLUSIVE track "Rock The Universe".

Make sure to get with this guy on FacebooktumblrYouTube, and soundcloud to keep up to date with his latest efforts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HIGHLY Anticipated WMC Comp

It's curious that the Winter Of Moombahton compilation should be released on the 2nd day of spring but who am I to question the reasoning of this amazing group of artists; after all, last years Spring Of Moombahton didn't come out until July.  Compiled by none other than the great Jon Kwest, this sucker is fully loaded with hot new tracks from some of the movements biggest players and up and comers.  Just in time for the Winter Music Conference, DJ Mag imagines moombahton in, "a Rocky training montage as it prepares for its shot at the crown".  If it's on the verge of really blowing up worldwide we here at MTH feel like these artists Kwest has collected are a fine example of it.  Grab the whole comp HERE and check previews of some of my favs below.

Cy Kosis is KILLING it, literally!  It's a massacre.

Arizona dons Pickster & Melo team up for yet another bass filled BEAST.

This Kwest track is HANDS DOWN my favorite on the comp.  Real dark and dirty.

Cañamojoso first came to my attention via a new Kickstarter campaign launched by Lightening Eyez and company advocating for the legalization of MJ.  Get all the info HERE.