Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MWP Indian Summer Edition

It's the first week of October and hopefully--for most of you--that means leaves are changing colors, nights are growing longer, and the hunt for halloween costumes has just begun. Out here on the west coast it has been pretty damn hot outside, so much so that August blurred into September and this tenth month of the year seemingly crept out of nowhere to overtake us in our sweaty state. Like the climate, tracks are still coming in hot as ever as we look deeper into the eyes of Autumn and we here at MTH are always eager to share with you what we've found. This week marks the epic conclusion of Marvel's Avengers vs X-Men crossover so here's some tunes from the likes of Drop The Lime, Disgraceland, Riot Earp and more to fill your ears with.

First up,  Dos Lobos' entry into Insomniac's Discovery Project, where they pluck talented up and comers to perform at their festivals.  This entry, as you may have guessed from its eerie nature, is for Escape From Wonderland.

Next, here's another core-leaning moombah-hit, this time from NYC producer Loud Flavor.  The title track from his latest release from Bass Taste, it's some "Wild Bizznizz" indeed...grab the whole single RIGHT HERE.

Philly's finest son, Sköllo with a nice update to the classic "Tarzan Boy"...FREE DOWNLOAD of course so get out your hammer pants and dance your ass off to this at your next house party.

Here's a tasty track forthcoming from Ultra on Drop The Lime's Enter The Nite Versions remix album.  DTL promises it'll be a more "DJ appropriate" retooling of his debut release Enter The Night.

Alright enough of the heavy, dark bout a little banda to cheer things up a tad!  Really digging this edit from Sonora, takes me back to alley way BBQs in Long Beach's east side.  FREE DOWNLOAD!

A touch of tech and a real deep bass tone carry us through this next offering from Yung Skeeter; it's a taste of LA funk to set your soul on fire this hot autumn day.  FREE DOWNLOAD!

Fista Cuffs and Majestry teamed up on this track for last year's Sound Of Silence² compilation from Conga Records and now it seems a remix EP may be on the horizon.  Of the 25 or 26 I listened to my favorite has to be this one from Fake Moustache.  Get down!

Some laid back acoustic guitar chops on this moombahsoul remix from Leeway.  The Polish producer finds a nice little sweet spot with José González' cover of "Heartbeats"...perfect cool weather tune.

Riot Earp is TWO FOLLOWERS AWAY from giving this track out for free.  So if you're reading this and not already following the dude on soundcloud please do so for the good of the rest of us!

Had the opportunity to chat with Disgraceland yesterday for our forthcoming episode of the "Don't Be Shy" podcast so I thought I'd share his latest free release.  He's been sitting on this deep-as-hell track for a few months so be thankful he decided to grace us all with it for FREE DOWNLOAD.

A little something for those filthy chicks daggering in their bedrooms.  D-V3KZ sending a shout out to all the sucias out there who may be listening.

Another FREE DOWNLOAD to finish off the set today, this one comes from Mackai who must be quite familiar with the wacky weed.  This late night anthem won't cure your munchies but it'll knock when you throw it on your system for the run to 7-11.

That's it for now, make sure to follow us on soundcloud to catch all our podcasts and mixcloud to listen back to all our radio mixes!  Back next Wednesday with more great new tunes from the Midweek Pull!

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