Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MWP 21

Wednesdays are always interesting here at MTH HQ.  Plenty of work to be done, plenty of new music to be heard, plenty of new comics to read!  That's why since February we've been trying our hardest to bring you new music to carry you through to the end of the work week in this thing we call the Midweek Pull.  This week Marvel premiers a pretty absurd crossover called A-Babies vs X-Babies that we're dying to get our grubby little paws on, might I suggest a trip down to your local comic vendor to do the same?  Also, there's some new tracks from the likes of Klever, Neki Stranac, and more dropping on soundcloud that we'd like to share with ya!

Let's start it off with a little moombah flavor from our favorite Serb: Neki Stranac.  The maestro serves up a hyped out flip of Stuka's "Stripper".  FREE DOWNLOAD!

And yeah, we're one week from Halloween so it's about time we infused a little spookiness into our selections.  This one has been "certified jackin" by the powers at's the Mad Villains channeling the Maitland's and it's a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Ryan Marks dropped his Fiji EP on Party Like Us yesterday and it's a foot stomper to be sure.  My favorite remix comes from D!rty Aud!o and is a nice little moombah jaunt.  The ETC!ETC! remix is available for FREE DOWNLOAD...grab the full EP RIGHT HERE.

Our friend in bass: Inflect, recently packed up his stuff and moved from Nebraska to Los Angeles (tough decision I'm sure) and apparently he's enjoying himself because his latest is an ode to his new home.  I can personally attest to the griminess of downtown LA so I think this gritty track is an accurate reflection of that....FREE DOWNLOAD!

How about a moombahton team up of most epic proportions??  DJ Melo edited Sabo and Paul Devro's recently released dub of this Smalltown DJs track and decided to share it with the masses after it's success at the most recent Moombahton Massive in DC.  If you're down with the crew then buy the Sol Selectas release RIGHT HERE.

Err'body knows ATL kingpin Klever can destroy a dancefloor via a set of turntables but my man has been pumping out some killer tuneage of late as well.  Here's a freebie from the folks at Top Billin in support of his latest EP..."Higher" is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, meanwhile Money Stacks is out now and you can buy it RIGHT HERE.

Sometimes we're all suckers for a little techno am I right??  Especially when it comes from France and ESPECIALLY when it comes from Bambounou.  My main man's remix of Fortune by Darling Farah is a late night escapade not to be missed.  Grab Body from Civil Music RIGHT HERE and grab the remix EP RIGHT HERE.

Speaking of FR, Killtronik recently had a remix contest for their track "Paris La Nuit" and this moombah-flip from The Kid Vicious DIDN'T WIN!!  What a shame...oh well, now it's up for FREE DOWNLOAD so grab it and play the hell outta it.  Super fresh, super light, super airy, super super.

That's all for now folks...we'll be back next Wednesday (HALLOWEEN) for more tracks to keep you company.  In the meantime, get back to work!!!

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