Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Return

Following an extended hiatus, we bring you MTH's infamous midweek pull!  Been trolling soundcloud this week and picking only the ripest of the ripe for your listening pleasure.  This week we've got tracks from ESSBEEDEE, Secret Sauce, Bro Safari with ETC!ETC! and more so let's get cracking shall we?
 BRO SAFARI and ETC!ETC! with some free tunage...Mendez dropped this back in June at Muevelo and folks went a little loco.  FREE DOWNLOAD.

Here's a jazzy little diddy from Noms. Lovin' this laid back feel, perfect for a cold evening riding the train home.

Friend of the site, Valorous offered up this interesting new tune for FREEEEE last week and I felt compared to share. I believe the Mother Of Dragons would approve.

Here's another laid back tune to sway to; thee Mike B flushed out a pack of elevated tunes over the weekend and this is my fav.

Andrew Sinclair has a forthcoming EP from Think 2wice Records that label head Brent Tactic promises will be very intriguing. If this initial single is any insight I believe he's telling us the truth; here's the Secret Sauce remix. Grab the single RIGHT HERE.

Our buddy Fich aka DJ Apt One is a disco mastermind so when I spied this "Disco Dub" on his soundcloud page I knew it must be shared. His Fich So Saxy EP is available everywhere now, grab this Frank Ocean rework for FREE then grab his commercial release RIGHT HERE.

Been really stoked on Milangeles of late...this dancehall tinged juke remix for Copia Doble Systema is a prime example of the correct ways to use a whistle on a track....BOOM FREE DOWNLOAD.

Die hard readers will understand my love of huge claps and throwback rhythms...this Ben Tactic original has both, thank goodness. Dude is calling this "303" and real producers will get that reference as well. FREE DOWNLOAD

Our friends La'Reda dropped this new single on Monday and it knocks. Support these cats by purchasing the "Synth-Rex" single RIGHT HERE.

This might be the pick of the litter right here folks...something about the soaring 90's-esque vocals that really appeals to my core. I grew up with Snap, La Bouche, and folks like Ace Of Base so I'm always stoked when new iterations of that style show up on my dashboard. Big ups to Brenmar on this one.

The homie David Heartbreak teamed up with Alexandre for this maddeningly deranged remix. Dude is always coming at us with some left field shit and I gotta give him the credit he is due; it's crazy how tight his production has become and how bonkers he's gotten lately on this underground bass sound he's cultivating.

Wrapping things up with this new tune from ESSBEEDEE...apparently Sam is down for some HOVA! Big ups to the Deadly Vipers for releasing the tune, make sure to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD.

That's gonna do it for this week. Hope you all enjoy these tracks, make sure to buy them where noted and download all the freebies at your leisure. If you haven't checked out our latest episode of the "Don't Be Shy" podcast make sure to do that RIGHT HERE, or just head over to the RADIO tab to listen to all our podcasts and mix shows. The midweek pull will return on October 3rd so till then, keep your pants on, be safe, and have a great week!

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