Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Midweeky

It never ends...some mornings I hope for a reprieve from the dizzying task of compiling this fucking blog but my wishes are never granted.  I'm never blessed with a down server or a compromised system in fact, aside from random soundcloud outages, everything is generally smooth sailings here in MTH HQ--of course now that I've said that I'm sure something catastrophic will happen in the coming weeks.  Alas, I carry on and now that it's Wednesday it is my duty to assuage the masses and deliver some brand spankin' new heavy music from the likes of Major Lazer, Jack Beats, Foamo and many more!!  That's right folks, it's not all moombahton all the time round these parts, we like to shake things up occasionally.

My friends tell me to start things strong and that way people will be compelled to read further, therefore we begin with a B-Side. Out earlier this week on Clockwork's "Titan" single, this bastard of a track boasts a "big badass baseline sound". Great work sir!! Buy the complete Mad Decent release RIGHT HERE.

*NSYNC's self titled debut may be one of the most cherished pieces of my CD collection so when LA DJ/producer Pase Rock put up this flip with a 2 Chainz verse thrown in I was weary to say the least. Upon listening I was pleasantly surprised at how street the five part harmonies sound chopped up.  FREE DOWNLOAD

Here's the Foamo remix of Example's latest single...the album drops in mid-September and this UK jam has got me rocking in the studio this morning. Dig those hi-hats...DIG EM. Check the video for the original RIGHT HERE.

A little moombah magic from Geek Boy; this track is available from The Dankles along with an in depth interview. Check out some older tracks, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD, and get mad info about his live set and more RIGHT HERE.

Fans of the site know I'm really into the deeper side of the moombahton sound so I'm really glad this FREE DOWNLOAD showed up in my dashboard. Fase De Cinco with a super chilled out rework of fallen singer Aaliyah's new track with Drake. BIG.

Gwen Stefani + Diplo = NO MOOMBAH-DOUBT; I've been really feeling this new single from the OC's finest ska-leaning pop act.  Mr. Pentz has been working HARD.  Between Snoop Lion, No Doubt, Major Lazer, RiFF RAFF, his XM/BBC radio shows, and the countless live appearances he puts in, sometimes I wonder if he sleeps at all. Maybe he's got some Nick Fury-esque Life Model Decoys out there helping him out.

New track from French moombahtonista Zee Reach, he's calling it "MoombahRave"...yeah I see it. Not sure about the release details as of yet but I'm sure it's in the works; huge vibes on this those airy stabs.

The massively successful Max Hardcore/Krups single from FL trio Team Jaguar has been remixed!! The pack includes flips from Sazon Booya, gLAdiator, Dooze Jackers, Vass, and this freebie from Sir Charles.  The whole thing drops August 22nd, for now enjoy this free download by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Austrailian duo The Mane Thing coming through with yet another moombahton jam for your listening pleasure. I'm sure they've been playing this out to raucous crowds of late and thought they'd let us all take a listen.

I remember, when Westside! came out I thought I was so awesome for knowing who Dillon Francis was. Now he gets 22k+ plays in 24 hours...DAMN the kid is getting huge--for fucks sake his cat has 3600+ twitter followers! His set at HARD summer was memorable as well so I was really excited to hear his latest collab with UK powerhouse Jack Beats; the result is a bouncy little bit of their wobbled out signature and very very danceable. Buy the whole Careless release RIGHT HERE.

That's it for today.  Make sure to come back daily for awesome new releases and fun stuff but especially every Wednesday when we present the MWP, chalk full of maddening new tunes to satisfy your ever expanding hunger for flavor of the day tunes.  Get with us on twitter, facebook, and soundcloud for EVEN MORE!!

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