Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get Ur Wednesday FIXXX On

Every day I'm searching...searching for a feeling, for a FEVER.  Tryin' to chase that dragon ever onwards through the rabbit hole.  I'm tireless in my hunt for new tunes and will spend countless hours dragging the dredges of my soundcloud dashboard and always for YOU!  The ever humble fans of MTH, it is for your benefit that I lie awake nights hoping and praying to awake to more and more gems and freebies to share with you.  Well today we find ourselves at another midweek juncture.  And so of course we return to the MWP to find some awesome hits to keep you company for the long haul to the weekend.  Today we've got stuff from the likes of Pickster One, Clockwork, and Boys Noize along with a host of other great tracks.

First up, how about a bouncy core-leaning tune from La'Reda?? They're calling it a "Summertime Bikini Dropper" so I'm glad to finally be sharing it with you on this first day of August. It's apparently coming soon from Holy Bangers Recordings.

As promised, new music from Clockwork...this is the A-Side and title track to the dude's forthcoming single from Mad Decent which drops August 7th...and it's HEAVY!

Now the first of THREE exclusives I'm borrowing from other blogs today...this one comes from Jonny Chino via the 110BPM blog. Read what the LA producer says about this laid back tune AND grab the free download RIGHT HERE.

And here's an exclusive to the Walmer Convenience blog from Chicago producer Nader. It's a bad ass flip of Cy Kosis' titular track off his new EP which dropped earlier this it RIGHT HERE. The remix is available for free RIGHT HERE.

This track is the first single from Boys Noize's forthcoming full length, Out Of The Black (out Monday). Love the pounding rhythm here along with the German's signature large and in charge synth leads.

The first of what I'm sure will be a SLEW of remixes hitting my soundcloud after Diplo decided to release the a capella for this Alex Clare hit (which has been downloaded nearly 3k times). OctoRed attempting to do a little damage...and succeeding! Love the eerie feel of this thing and guest what, it's freeeeeeeee.

Speaking of Diplo, The Mane Thing threw Nicky Da B's "Express Yourself" vocal over a chopped version of "Killing In The Name Of" and added a few tribal drum sounds to create this madness. Well played y'all...well played.

It's Free Willy Wednesday over at GDD...with the eight installment, Willy Joy dropped a heavy moombahton track in the new wave style. Super glitchy with plenty of bleeps and claps to keep my head nodding. FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Speaking of free downloads, the homie Pickster One is giving away another of the many tracks in his arsenal. It's a radical flip of Miss Platnum which seemed destined for moombah-status...damn those horns sound funky.

That's gonna do it for today's MWP! Hope y'all enjoyed it, make sure to grab the free downloads where applicable and of course to support these artists by purchasing the tracks and going to see them spin, you won't be disappointed. For more BS from us make sure to like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, and get with us on soundcloud. Till we meet again y'all...peace.

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