Friday, July 20, 2012

Welcome to Your Weekend!

It's Friday...I know some of y'all still have to head into work like me but that doesn't mean we can't start visualizing our weekend already.  I'm picturing sunny skies, warm beaches, tan bods, cool drinks, and stuff I can't write here.  So, to get us all ready, I've scoured the depths of my soundcloud dashboard and now bring forth a collection of some totally radical mixtapes for you to rock out with starting RIGHT NOW!!!  Tapes from AC Slater, Nadastrom, and DJ AM (RIP) among others.

HARD Summer is two weeks away!!  Get tix RIGHT HERE!!!!!

Well that's it y' where applicable and remember the most important thing about the weekend, is to be safe.  Only 7 left till the summers done so if you're near it may I suggest hitting the beach or possibly a lake??  Do yourself a favor and at least go to the pool ok?  Hope you have a great one, make sure you stay in touch with us on facebook, twitter, and soundcloud for more info about your favorite heavy music blog: MTH.

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