Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday...can't touch that day

My belly is full and yet I still hunger for some brand spanking new music!!  I know some of y'all feel the same so I'm compiling yet another list of dope chunes from the realms of my soundcloud dashboard.  From my PC to your ears, I'm trying to keep you up to date with some of our favorite producers and sounds here at MTH; it's been a Monday tradition for many weeks so let's keep it alive shall we??  Today I've got tracks from Buraka Som Sistema, Steed Lord, gLAdiator and more!  Keep a keen eye out for the free downloads--as always, I tried to work in as many as possible.

Here's a fierce remix from that dude D!rty Aud!o...turn the volume up to 11 for this one, it's SLAMMIN! FREE DOWNLOAD

What you know about H-Town??...naw fool, not the boy band...I'm talking bout HOUSTON. I've never been but the rap game there set it off a few years back and now gLAdiator and Chromatic have swooped up a great lyric from the tallest dude in the business Slim Thug and created a squeaky, bit-smashed dab of glory and guess what?? It's FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Here's a little prog-moombahton from UK producer's a tad bit lurky which I'm always stoked about and super dark. DIG IT! It's dropping in 2 weeks on Ninthwave Records so be on the look out folks!

Speaking of "lurky" here's a low down bass track all the way outta the windy city. Nader flipped up Juicy J and dropped the son'bitch for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Global bass innovators Buraka Som Sistema are taking their unreal live show on the road in North America in August (including a stop at HARD Summer) and to get folks hyped they're giving away a new track for the best price of all $0. That's right, grab this kuduro heater for FREE and get ready for your mind to be blown.

Are you down with French dance tracks?? I am for sure so I'm always stoked to see the Blisters Boyz in my feed. This one is a sure fire slice of techy goodness with enough bongos to make me happy, it's dropping August 22nd on Birth Records so make sure to buy it then k?? Thanxbi.

Love holding down PDX producers and I really enjoy giving a little cred to the Think2wice Records family. Here's a new track from Ben Tactic which I'm sure will make you thirsty as you're sweating it up on the dance floor. Superbly bubbly with a nice and heavy kick drum throughout and guess what?? It's a FREE DOWNLOAD. Hot damn!! Grab it.

Annnnnnd back to the moombahton...or should I say, back to the moombahsoul. Here's another free track from Phoenix young gun Decade who has been consistently putting out some fire over the last few months. This one is ambient and chirpy and is a perfect cool down track for the coming hot August nights in the Arizona desert.

My friends will tell you that--since I saw them open up for Chromeo back in the summer of 2008--Steed Lord is probably my favorite band out there right now. The baby of the bunch, Mr. Eddie House put together a disco flip of their latest single "Hear Me Now" and the band is kindly giving it away for FREE!!  Just like their FACEBOOK PAGE and click the free downloads tab.

After hearing the above remix I started down the soundcloud rabbit hole and discovered some long forgotten tracks from Eddie. Here's my favorite to wrap up today's blog.

So that's it for now kiddos!! Make sure to support all these producers by following them on soundcloud (give us a follow if you feel like it HERE) and of course check them out on their facebook pages (and ours RIGHT HERE). Hope you enjoy the free downloads, keep your browser pointed right here for more and more new music and other goodies!! Ta ta!

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