Friday, July 27, 2012

It's the Weekennnnnnnnd BAY-BAY!

And it couldn't get here any sooner...although I have to admit this week seems to have just cruised by for me (moving will do that though I guess).  Either way, it's about time to crack a tall can and unwind on the train like an OG.  Or if you're a tad bit classier than me, you might pop a bottle of champagne with some friends to pre-game for a night out.  In that case, allow me to suggest some tunes to get your night popping off right!!  This week I've got some wild and crazy mixtapes from Tittsworth, Feadz, Smutlee, and more so let's get into it right now shall we??

Well that's it everyone!!  Download these and swag the FUCK out this weekend whether you be poolside with a strong drink or driving cross country or perhaps just moving into a new apartment and in desperate need of some tunes to keep you company.  In any case, jam out.  Make sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and soundcloud to get all things MTH into your life!!

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