Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day Ritual

That's right you bastards, the Midweek Pull is here again!  I've been looking high and low (but mostly just my soundcloud dashboard) for some totally amazing and awesomely radical tunes to throw your way and this is the best I could come up with.  New tracks today from Photo Romance, David Heartbreak, Chrome Wolves, and more...let's hop in and see what we come out with shall we?!

Super derpy track right here as French duo Aglory trap-down King Kong's original in an eerily beautiful way. I'm especially excited about the use of the nylon acoustic guitar for the super sexy breakdown about 50 seconds in...yeahhhh smooth as hell.

Fools be using some crazy letters lately. I'm pretty sure it says Soniye is the artist who has unleashed the hell hounds on WARP. Seriously, this thing is nutty.

More dark tracks from the great PNW, Portland's Chrome Wolves channels his inner man in black for this excellent track. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD so get on it right now!

You want some free moombahton?? Sheeeeeeeeet, you like Ludacris?? How about a FREE Ludacris moombahton remix??? Oh man, I just made your day didn't I? Don't thank me, thank these dudes Agro Swag by following them on TWITTER so you can know about future releases as they drop.

It was sorta hard to escape JWLS' "Bashin'" yesterday if you're any kind of moombahton fan and I was most excited to see that Nadastrom were giving away this bouncy remix. Get on it!! Also, do yourself a favor and buy the full EP RIGHT HERE.

Speaking of creepy tracks, Photo Romance shared this 'core leaning remix of fellow countryman Gesaffelstein's "Belgium" the other day so I wanted to pass it along. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD so get on it while you can y'all cause sometimes tracks get picked up and then you have to pay for them :(

The homie Pickster One also giving away a free moombahton track. He flipped Cassidy's "Hotel" for "all my working club DJ's that grind it out each and every week" so grab this free track and put your mother fucking hands up!!

My main man Nightmare coming through with some Freddy Krueger type scary stuff. FREE DOWNLOAD of his remix of Bingo Players...get it while it's hot!

I gots free tracks coming out of my ears in here!! :DFace promised to drop all sorts of free stuff for us this summer and so far he's following through with that!! Another huge track that will certainly make it into moombahton sets for DJs around the country if not the world...FREE DOWNLOAD!!

As mentioned earlier in the week, this Birdy Nam Nam remix from Skrill-dogg is probably one of the most hyped tracks of the month so I was stoked to see that dude Heartbreak made sure to drop one of his signature Loc'd out remixes for us to enjoy. Not up for download yet but knowing this dude it'll wind up on a free comp soon y' patient.

That's it for this week's MWP. Some tracks are great, some you'll love, some I'm sure you'll hate but hey that's what music is all about!! Grab the free downloads where applicable and make sure to support the artists by purchasing the full EPs that they release. Also be a good lad/lass and follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, and follow us on soundcloud. Cool, good work.

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