Monday, July 23, 2012

Back at it again!!

I know y'all love em...I know y'all need em!  That's why every Monday, unless otherwise occupied, I'm doing my darndess to bring you the root'en-toot'enest new chunes that soundcloud has to offer.  Why might you ask??  You could say I just aim to please my loyal readers, others may call me mad, say I'm wasting my time because in reality I don't have any loyal readers.  Mostly I'm doing it to keep a record, so that later down the line when everyone else comes to terms with their piss poor taste in new music, they'll point to the long forgotten pages of the Metal Top Hat blog and say, "this guy knew something...he had a thought and didn't give a damn what others said about it".  So there you have it!  Maybe I am a little lost in the head but to tell you the truth, I just don't give a fuck.  Today we've got new music from Secret Sauce, Surkin, Croydon, and more!!  So let's jump in and see if history proves me right shall we?

First up we have a nostalgic flip from Buzz A Buzz. This tune perked my interest not only because I am a fan of the 1999 classic, The Wood, but also because it's kick drum will punch a hole in your speaker.

Huge freebie from turntablist and ATL OG's a bonkers bass jaunt with plenty of stabs to scare the hell outta the standard, everyday listener.

For the 149 folks lucky enough to grab this track before the free download was pulled...I envy you.  Here's Surkin doin' a little work on MIA's "Bad Girls"...this remix will NOT be featured on her USB Necklace release of other remixes so I'm not sure if it'll ever see the light of day outside of your standard piracy locations.

New reggae shit from Snoop...being that I'm a resident of the LBC I feel obligated to at least let you know about this if you haven't heard it yet. Produced by none other than Major Lazer and apparently will be released as a "Snoop Lion" track...yeahhhhhh I'm not really feeling it.

Here's a cool track from LA producer Chris the sound design in this one as the ape calls are perfect for getting fools to go bananas on the dance floor.

Now the first of two from KC. Here we have the talented trio of Secret Sauce (Brent Tactic, DJ Archi, DJ B-Stee) linking up to bring the pain on this free moombahton track. The name says it all, so play it loud and shake that ass y'all!!

And here we have yet another freebie, this time from DJ Archi who says of this track, "Call it Trap, call it R&B, whatever. Just some smooth grooves that I hope you like" well played sir. I do like it!

How about some pop catchiness getting stomped on by a wobbly bass track? That's a good recipe if you ask me...not my favorite rework of this track but Alvin Risk still proving he's a force to be reckoned with.

The homie Leisure reached the daunting plateau of 10k downloads last week and in celebration he dropped yet another free track on us all!! Enjoy!

This dude Croydon is consistently dropping heaters on us...this track came out last week on his El Hefe EP so GO BUY IT and support his efforts!

As far as I know there aren't many Portuguese moombahtonistas out there who can hold a candle to this dude King Kong...especially not when he's got his soul cap on. Another stellar track and of course it's FREEEEEEE so grab it while you still can and rinse it out in the clubs y'all.

This Skrillex remix has been getting tons of attention lately and it didn't take long for Phoenix' own Mendez to do his traditional moombahton flip of it. It's available for free if you like his Facebook Page so do yourself a favor and grab it ASAP!!

Last but certainly not least a new track from the homie D-V3KZ. Heavy ass moombahton right here...which is EXACTLY what this site is all about. My man has been putting in massive amounts of work and it's really showing as he seems to be honing his production skills every week. Big ups!

Well that's gonna do it for today's new tunes y'all.  Hot damn this was a long post!!  Hope you enjoy these tracks, make sure to download the ones that are free.  If you're excited about this blog you should follow us on twitter, then go like us on facebook, then follow us on soundcloud.  See you soon!

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