Monday, July 9, 2012


That's right!!  Your favorite heavy music blog is back in action; sorry for depraving you last week but when it comes to America...we here at MTH celebrate heavily.  So I was gone for most of last week giving good ole lady liberty a holiday she'll never forget, happy 236th birthday USA!  Now now now, there's tons of catching up to do so today I'm just gonna throw caution to the wind and blast out all the tracks I've missed in the last 12 days!  No talk, just rock.  So get on down to some of these and keep coming back because we'll keep bringing the newest of the new your way.  On to the jams!!!  New stuff from Pickster One, BIG MAKK, Aglory, Gesaffelstein, Aylen, babySTEPSSAUR, and many many WE GO!

WHEWWWW!!  24 new tracks for y'all to slam.  Hope you like them all, download where applicable, as usual I was looking out for free tunes to toss your way.  More to come this week including the return of the midweek pull!!!  In the meantime, check out our Facebook, twitter, mixcloud, and soundcloud pages for more and more stuff.

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