Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome Back To Reality!

Uh oh...Monday, that means it's back to the daily grind here at cold dark studios where we spend countless hours of the day sifting through the pile on soundcloud trying in vain to bring you some new and interesting tuneage.  This week is no different from any other, we've dug and dug and dug and now present to you some new music from the likes of Munchi, Dillon Francis, Nadastrom and more!  It's gonna be a great week y'all so let's get it cracking shall we??

Let's kick it off with a rocking remix of Alex Clare...I've let it be known that THIS remix is probably my favorite song at the moment (it has been for months) but I'm glad Nadastrom decided to go back to their punk roots for a little diddy just for us fans.

Here's a baile funk track from the PHX homie Riot Earp. Fans of the site know I'm impartial to latin rhythms and this track delivers for I love whistles y'all.

Buraka beat master Branko is back at it with a bubbly rework of Drake. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD for now so make sure to get your hands on it ASAP.

Here's another FREE DOWNLOAD for ya...this time coming from Will Bailey who'll be at next month's Muevelo out here in LA...check it out and come to Muevelo to support the movement.

Another remix of "Express Yourself" is out for FREEEE...this version makes me feel like I'm dozing after a full night of raging, so good job Starfoxxx...I'm pretty sure that was your goal.

And now for a little summer flavor...first up here's a deep club re-fix of Aalyiah's "Rock The Boat" (RIP) from Tony Quattro. It's super chilled out and a FREE DOWNLOAD over at the man's Facebook page.

And here's a free soul track from our boy King Kong outta Portugal. This kid keeps the hits coming yet again with a track perfect for those outdoor pool parties you'll be frequenting soon.

The latest from Dillon Francis is a core'd up remix of Steve Aoki's "Control Freak"'s a departure from Dillon's standard fare which is great to hear cause lately I've been growing tired of his style, so I'm glad he's trying to switch things up a little bit.

Another native track from ATCR...been really digging their stuff lately and I'm stoked they're giving it away for free RIGHT HERE!

What's that you say?? You want MORE ATCR?? Well hope about this Javier Estrada remix? Does that suit you?? It's a free DL as well...grab it RIGHT HERE.

New 'ish from JWLS...he's a Miami kid so it's no surprise that he dropped this strip club anthem on us after the Heat won the 'ship...grab it RIGHT HERE.

Brodinski cooked up a little "Techno Trap" transition track out of Danny Brown's "Die Like A Rockstar". It's available in the Fool's Gold Goldmine so if you're so inclined go ahead and sign up y'all!!

Now just wanted to share two tracks from Munchi's new release...the Rotterdam Trap EP dropped today, my man has been kicking back and taking care of himself so we're ok that he's taking more time to release tracks. As they come out he proves again and again why he's the master, this time he dominates the trap sound with his insane proficiency. Grab the EP RIGHT HERE y'all and rock this thing.

I could post the whole thing (it's all FIRE) but I feel like it's getting tons of exposure as is so I'll just keep it to two songs on today's big post. Holler at the kid MUNCHI in a city near you and support the movement!

That's gonna do it for today's new music y'all...we'll be back on Wednesday with more heaters to destroy your speakers with. Until then you'll just have to live with whatever else I decide to drop on you. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and twitter for more and more and more nonsense. PEACE!

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