Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday's Finest

Is it really Wednesday already??  Seems just yesterday I was kicking back in the afternoon sun on my sandy beach thinking the weekend could never end!  Alas it did end and I had the headache to remind me Monday morning; since then a mere 48+ hours have passed and it's on to our midweek pull.  Honestly, nothing makes my job easier than producers dropping all kinds of new material for us to listen to and enjoy folks.  Today we've got brand spanking new tracks from Mendez, Willy Joy, Sin Diesel and more so let's jump in feet first and get things cracking y'all!!

Oscillator Z is a producer outta the crazy ass city of Houston, TX and he's been pushing some heavy stuff lately.  This track is a free giveaway so you KNOW I gotta represent it here on the it's a massive tune to say the least, love this side of his stuff and seriously happy to grab the free DL.

Our buddy Mendez is at it again!!  This time it's a deep moombah cut dedicated to his homeland of Puerto Rico.  Lovin' the tropical riddims he pulled out for this one, mad props to this guy for continually pushing this sound in parties across the southwest.

Off the forthcoming oo da chee remix EP from Party Like Us comes this slamming track from ETC!ETC!.  It's a departure from the moombah style we know and love but we still wanna send mad support to Jose, Udachi, and this release as a whole.

Philly producer/DJ Saur coming at us again with some more FREE music!  This time it's a debow'd creature with plenty of squeaks and squawks to get the party moving.

Here's a high powered original track from ATLiens Sin Diesel and The Martian.  As part of the Rot10 clan, Sin has been pounding the pavement trying to get his stuff out there.  Make sure to keep tabs on the dude via his facebook and twitter pages for news about his upcoming gigs/releases.

Following their critically acclaimed, Mad Decent released Badman Rave EP, dutch beat masters The Partysquad are releasing a remix EP featuring revamped versions from some of their favorite producers.  I am really digging this reggae inspired flip from Illuminati AMS, super heavy at about the 1:30 mark so put on your hard hats for this one.  The full release is available for free RIGHT HERE!

It is widely known that I favor heavy kick drums, heavy snares, loud screams, and anything else that'll make me bang my head.  This track meets these requirements.  5kinAndBone5 and Vin Sol on some crazy future bass tech here so if you're prone to seizures I recommend possibly abstaining from this track.  It's available RIGHT HERE on their Dawn Patrol release from Soo Wavey Records.

The Lost Boys apparently isn't just an awesome Kiefer Sutherland movie about's also the name of a highly talented duo of heavy ass moombahton producers from the UK.  This version of the Lost Boys have been dropping all sorts of core tracks of late and we're really stoked on their latest FREE DOWNLOAD!

Some shady business went down in Canada earlier in the week when Self Evident got his DJ gear straight jacked after a club gig; his MacBook, Serato box, headphones, and record needles were all stolen from him by some douche who got away clean.  In his anger over the issue he dropped a free download for all of us so check it out, download it, and show some support for the homie in his time of need.

And finally, it's week 3 of GDD's Free Willy releases from Willy Joy.  This week it's a trap all you fan boys can rejoice as the Chi-town producer jumps into the pool with the masses and stirs up some waves of his own.  FREE DOWNLOAD!!

That'll do it for this week's pull, we hope you enjoyed it!  Grab the free downloads and make sure to keep it locked right here at MTH for new releases and all kinds of other BS.  Check us out on facebook and twitter for even more nonsense.

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