Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Midweek Productiveness

Just got back from vacation and I feel like at least a thousand bucks!  I'd probably feel like millions if my DVR hadn't missed a bunch of episodes of my favorite show...Call Of The Wildman.  I guess I'll have to catch up with the Turtleman in reruns but for now let's move on to the newest of the new, the hottest of the hot, the boldest of the bold; it's this week's edition of MTH's infamous Midweek Pull.  This week we've got great cuts from the likes of ETC!ETC!, Chong X, FUSS and much much more so let's jump right into it shall we??

The SPTT are big players in international electronica so I was pretty stoked to see this boot pop up on the good ole dashboard. Digging Nacey's classy flip of this already accessible tune, goodness gracious! It's a free download!

Banji Boys' classic gets a little update here from Brooklyn's own Barney Iller along with his homegirl Fucci. Drop this record at your next 3 vs 3 battle will you please?

The homies 2 Deep recently took a little trip to the central coast to play a gig in Salinas and hooked up with that dude PrimeTime for a little pre-game production session and this is the end result. Oh my, it's a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Our favorite trio are at it again! This time Steed Lord have updated the Whitney Houston (RIP) classic, "Thinking About You". Their classic house stylings work perfectly on this flip; it's free on their Facebook for all y'all.

Damn...I got free downloads coming outta my ears! I probably should be holding onto some of these for myself but you know me, I'm such a giving person! Here's FUSS remixing TC's "Jump".

Y'all know I'm a sucker for some Cumbia right?? That's why I really love Chong X lately, he's been blasting some awesome stuff lately and you should check it out!

This remix from ETC!ETC! was featured yesterday on the MTV Hive blog...sooooooo, I'm just jumping on the band wagon I suppose but damn, it's a good one! And what's this??? FREE DOWNLOAD

Last but not least we have the first of what Willy Joy says will be a weekly free track, Free Willy Wednesdays! This week it's a trap remix of Chief Keef.

Well folks that's it for this week's pull. Make sure to get with us on Facebook, twitter, and of course soundcloud so you can keep up with us every second of every day!! You filthy stalkers.

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