Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breakin' Things Down...Midweek Style

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a magnitude of tracks that I see fitting for our long posts.  This week that is certainly not the case.  So much new stuff jumping up on soundcloud it's slightly baffling to me, y'all must be working your asses off in the studio trying to get this stuff out and might I add, it's pretty great work!  New stuff today from Valorous, DJ Madd OD, Craze and more...let's quit talking about it and jump right into the new material.

Coming off the success of his Generation Bass release this month, OktoRed dropped this free track for his fans to enjoy! It's a tasty slice of dembowed electronica with plenty of low end to get your trunk rattling.

No one doubts Bart B More and Harvard Bass' abilities when it comes to rocking a party into the wee hours of the AM. Here, in their latest collaboration for Secure Recordings, they give us a theme song to their long used phrase describing such raucousness.  BUY IT HERE.

Another free track from our buddy :DFace in his summer of free music series. This one drives along in a pitchy battle between kick and synth leads. Good stuff.

DMC Champ and Miami native Craze promised that for every game the Heat won in the finals he'd drop a Loc'd Out remix. Well after Lebron and the boys handled biz on Sunday about 5 tracks jumped onto the man's soundcloud as promised...the best part? They're all FREE!! This is my fav.

And here we have Mr. Vega (1/2 of Sazon Booya) delivering a hot hot hot moombahcore flip of Zegema Beach's "People Don't"...FIRE...FREE DOWNLOAD!

Some moombah-fied merengue from LA's own Jonny Chino...he flipped Tabaco Y Ron into his own heavy kick style...super blipy and dance floor ready...nearly. It's still unmastered and we here at MTH eagerly await the final version.

Some more moombahcore from friend of the site Valorous...this original track has some catchy ass vocal chops and a mesmerizing synth bass to get you worked up right into the thick of it.

Now two from Diabluma Sound; this Steve Starks tune dropped on Generation Bass earlier in the week as part of their Moombahtonista series (volume 007 with Dave Nada). It's a great read, big props to DJ UMB for educating the masses and a special thanks for the free download y'all!

Now this is from Diabluma founders and moombahton "inventors" Nadastrom...not sure why but they decided to jump back into the soundcloud game and dropped a few tracks including this one, which I don't have in my collection, so I thought I'd share it with my loyal readers.

Sandwich Island Bass are a trio of producers from Maui who have recently been all over the moombah game. This new track is a core-leaning ditty and you can almost feel the ocean breeze pass over you as you take in the mass of sounds.

Here we have a new cut from DC OG: DJ Madd OD. It's a great new song in his signature latin style with plenty of bouncy beats to get the dance floor moving. Plus it's another FREE DOWNLOAD! Which you know I dig.

Last but not least, here's a new track from the crazy duo of DJ EJ and MiniMaxX. This track was premiered by Walmer last week and we're jumping on it too cause it's a heater! And cause we wanna give cred where it's due and these cats are DUE!  Plus it's our fav...FREE DOWNLOAD.

That'll do it for this week's midweek pull, thanks again for checking us out. For all things MTH please make sure to check us out on Facebook, twitter, and send any songs you want us to hear at our email or to our soundcloud inbox! See you Friday for some mixtapes y'all!!

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