Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek Mayhem

It's my favorite day of the week y'all!!  Wednesday are killer around my studio, tons of stuff to do not a lot of time to get my thoughts out to the world so let's not waste any more and just jump right into some fresh tracks off my soundcloud dashboard!  First up, wanna re-affirm my approval of Ra Cailum's latest out this week on Think 2wice; just an all around solid release BUY IT RIGHT HERE and enjoy a taste below.

I posted a link to the Rolling Stone preview of Thelophilus London's remix EP on the facebook a while back but this is definitely another new release worth picking up, do so RIGHT HERE.

Sticking with this theme of fresh releases, here's Mackai's contribution to Club Cartel's Moombah-heat Vol. 1; grab the whole thing RIGHT HERE.

Now on to some FREE stuff, Pickster One's latest is a dancehall flip of Santigold's "Freak Like Me". Another solid track from the PHX don, always love when my man drops some free tracks on us all, thanks dude!

Sykur are a group of Icelanders who we've featured on MTH quite often and it seems they've hooked up with Dan Le Sac for a fresh remix of their latest output, "Curling". Interesting team up for sure, I've loved watching the evolution of these cats, if you've read this blog since the beginning you'll know I love me some Iceland.

The Eleven is the stage name for Dutch producer Kalok Yeung who chose to drop this track for FREE because it's gonna be sitting on some record company shelf for a few months so grab it while it's hot, hot, hot!

Back to the moombah flavor, love the drums on this one from Vato Gonzalez.  Heavy 110 + scratch work + free download = gotta give it to y'all.

Aside from being one of my fav tracks from the homie David Heartbreak, Arroz Con Pollo seems to be the moniker of a Brooklyn based moombah outfit. This track is perfect for the upcoming warm months so I thought I'd throw it out for all to enjoy.

Now one of the most excellent young producers coming out of Europe today, Bambounou. Been keeping my eye on this dude since Sound Pellegrino's Straight From The Spring release and his stuff never disappoints.

This track just hit soundcloud but has been making the rounds a lot lately...just an all around jam. Remixes from Jay Fay, JWLS, and more coming soon; big up to Craze for dropping this on us today just in time!

Well that's it for today everyone. Hope my selection is to your liking, make sure to check us out on Facebook, twitter, and soundcloud and stay tuned to MTH for mixtapes and a few EPs in these next couple days. Bye for now!

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