Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Partayyyyy

Who doesn't??  It's about that time loyal readers for this week's mixtape run through; when I hand select some of the finest tapes from some of my favorite selectas for you to get your party started off on the right footing.  Most of these are free download so make sure to grab as many as possible, put them on your iPod, blast them in your kitchen while you're cooking up your grits on Sunday.  Do what you wish with them but for the love of god don't NOT listen.  This week we've got mixes from Mister Moombah!, Bro Safari, Sazon Booya, and much more so without further ado...

Knick and co are currently cruising around North America on the Bros Gone Wild catch them in a city near you.  Tour dates and details available HERE.

So if you've been a loyal reader of MTH then you know something about Mau5trap's contest to select a host for their forthcoming official podcast and Blu submitted one I think you should definitely check so RIGHT HERE.  Voting commences on the 17th of May and we'll make sure to keep you posted about that.

This tape comes courtesy of DJ Bruce and our pal DJ Apt One...if you haven't heard the interview we did with the Young Robots honcho please check it out RIGHT HERE.

Snoop-a-loop with a stoner mixtape??  This is a MUST listen.


Finishing it off with this awesome live set from Jeremy Sole from the Do Lab at the warmest festival in the US, Coachella.  Full of multi-national flavors as helpfully introduced by some unnamed MC!  Get on down to this one; for those of us who missed the elusive hipster-trap it's a nice way to experience some of the fun without having to deal with smelly hippies and other unseemly folks.

That's it for this week y'all.  Hope you're parties are a little better with my musical stylings to assist...if they are worse, I apologize.  Anyways, be safe, have fun, and most of all, embrace world peace.


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