Friday, April 27, 2012

You Know What Time It Is

Aw shucks, it's Friday yet again and the weekend is coming on strong!  Bout ready to get the hell outta dodge and sit in the sun for two and a half days not thinking about anything.  Per usual, I've been compiling mixtapes all week to dump all over you guys so get ready for the PAIN.  This week we've got stuff from the homie Valorous, Lightning Eyez new persona DOPETOPIA (wonder what he's implying with that name), as well as the usual heavy hitters, D-V3KZ, King Kong, and many many more so let's get into it!!

Support this mix!! Trying to get ole Jonny onto the BIG STAGE!  CLICK LIKE!

BONUS!!!  A couple weeks ago the OG's NADASTROM had a guest spot on London's KISS FM with host Sinden so y'all should check this shit out RIGHT HERE!!

That's about it for today y'all...have a most excellent and SAFE weekend.  Enjoy these tunes and party on!

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