Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Newness

why dey call you new-new?
Guess what?  It's Monday which means I gotta go back to work.  For those of you who don't realize this, I don't do anything on the weekends.  The weekend is for reading comics, catching up on TV, hanging with the fam, and raging.  That's why everything I post gets done Mon - Fri; now some of you may frown upon that and say, "Ted, new shit hits on Saturday and Sunday man!  Don't sleep on it!"  So to those of you who think along those lines I say, Fuck You.  I need my weekends to relax and the world ain't gonna stop just because I take some time for myself to catch up on my pull list.  So anyways, let's end this rant with a nice selection of some new tunes to get the week started off right!

I know I'm laggin' on this Sazon Booya but since it's still sitting on my favs and hasn't been throw on the site yet I say, "better late then never!" Most folks are late to this moombah party anyway so fuck it.

As of posting there are 9 downloads remaining on this re-working of the George Llanes Jr. classic so y'all better hustle up and get one! It's coming on 12" soon enough for you "real" DJs out there.

This DOSLOBOS jam is coming straight off Ninthwave Records' Moombahton Nation II release which hit beatport TODAY.  Face it, you don't have anything better to spend your $13 on.

This track is just pure fun. Big thanks to JayFunk for putting a smile on my face on this morning.

This was the first single off Slachtofbronx' new full length, Dirty Dancing, out now!!

From Rot 10 Invades Miami Vol 2 here's another hot track from Guapo Feo. Although his name may imply ugliness I must say, this track is SMOKIN'!

And here's the latest from SD moombah-maestro babySTEPS. He was amped that I posted his Otra Noche remix last week so I thought I'd give him a little more love for his efforts.

The cats over at Deadly Vipers have been pushing a lot of fire in my direction lately and this moombah-stomp track is no exception. When it hits the 0:53 mark get ready to grab your head in disbelief.

Suprise! More heat from Phoenix; Riot Earp's Honey EP is a pleasant surprise. Although I expect nothing less from this dude, it's always nice when someone exceeds all expectations.

Thank you to Neki Stranac for bringing the South American vibes to the party. This track should be enough to get that older looking couple out on the dance floor with it's straight samba feel. Hopefully they'll pull some of the cuter young chicks on the floor in solidarity with their lack of giving a fuck about what others think of their amazing skill set. I had more to say but I feel like shutting up now and getting to work already. Have a most excellent Monday and enjoy all these new tunes!

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