Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Jump Off

why they call you new-new?
My oh my, the weekend flies by far to quickly lately and we've landed yet again here in the studio digging for some fresh tracks to get your week rolling.  I always wanna just keep hitting that snooze button on a Monday morning especially when it's half past four and I've gotta drive 30+ miles into work.  But now I'm wide awake and ready to give you some special stuff so lets get it going!

This track is coming from the dude DJ Melo from an apparently new soundcloud page but regardless of where it's posted, this sucker is classic Melo through and through.  Love the latin hook that drops into bleepy, bass driven madness.  LETS GO!

This special ReKwest dropped over the weekend and I couldn't wait to blow it up.  My fondness for this DC native knows little bounds especially when it comes to his moombahsoul stylings. So keep pushing my dude, everything you put out is on FIRE.

Next up a pair of remixes from the Bromance Records crew.  G.Vump and

Gesaffelstein going in deep on these ones.  They're taking on Lana Del Rey in a contest to see who is the most hip and IMHO the frenchmen take the cake.  Lending their signature styling to her soft vocal performance is just enough to get my feet shuffling here on a lazy Monday morning.

This one is perplexing.  I first came across the talented DJR when he teamed up with the homies 2Deep on their Otra Noche release and I must say, this new track is pretty impressive.  I enjoy how he says FU to any sort of template and just builds this beat into a monster at his own pace.  ¡DALE!

Neki Stranac...what more do I have to say here??  Every track I come across by this cat is absolutely bonkers.  So glad to keep finding more and more heaters from the Serbian genie to blow up my speakers.

Here are a couple from the President of Rot 10 Musik, first up is Kid Cedek's contribution to last month's Winter Of Moombahton compilation.

And here we have the winner of the Kid's "Sientelo" remix contest, AGLORY.  Check out the rest of the winners HERE.

You know I GOTTA represent for the kids 2Deep.  The LA duo is at it again, this time teaming up with Get Ghost for a slammin' beat that'll get your head nodding.  They seem to be getting down with the core shit and you know I like it heavy.

The aussie madman J-Trick coming at us all with some more free tunes, this time he's merging Gabba with his signature blend of moombah.  Squeaky as hell with a heavy ass bass, that's how he rolls and we here at MTH respect that fully.

Oh man, I wasn't sure what to think of this Selena track from DJ Madd OD, but then I hit play and immediately was nodding my head along with it.  Love these laid back 80's feel type tracks once they get super dembow'd out so big ups to the dude!

Here's something a little wild.  Not really sure where the inspiration for this "Congo Safari Remix" comes from but I for one would like to tip my cap to GAYMISTERIO for going out on a limb with this version of Diplo's "Express Yourself".  Nothing like a little crazy music to get you up and about on a Monday so pump this one and piss off your neighbors as you're getting ready to start your week.

Heartbreak promises this will be his final trap bubblin' track and we'll hold him to his word.  Everyone knows this dude loves experimenting with any and all genres so we applaud him for dipping his quill into this dirtified style and we'll gratefully post this sucker here for all to enjoy.
That's gonna do it for today's newness, wanna thank all the featured artists for continuing to pump out the jams for us to rock along to.  I hope this helps you shake the weekend funk off you!  PARTY ON!

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