Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midweek Pull

A "pull" refers to a service offered by most comic shops where they'll set aside all the titles you're interested in as they are released so you don't necessarily have to come in every Wednesday; your precious issues will always be waiting for you behind the counter.  For those in the know this can be very helpful as particular books will certainly sell out if you are like me and get lazy and/or forget to hit the shop when a popular title is released.  In the case of MTH's Midweek Pull we're taking on the role of the local comic vendor and doing all the work for you; all you gotta do is come on down and hear the hottest tracks of the week.  This week I'm super swamped in the studio so I don't have time to breakdown each pick so just take my word for it and listen to them all you bastards!  I'm doing all the work here and getting no love!!  Listen damn you!!

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