Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Midweek Pix

Well I figured better late than never to post this week's soundcloud pull; been a little swamped here at the studio so I'll try and make up for it with top notch tracks for your Wednesday night.  Without further BS from me here are some tracks I've been saving up to share with y'all.

I'm not quite sure what's up with all this trap shit I've been bumping lately but there's something about it that I just majorly dig. I'm betting all you folks out in internet land are amused as well--haven't gotten any complaints at least--anyways here's a Dipset re-fix from A Tribe Called Red that I think is a winner!

Heartbreak claims he was just fucking around when he put this little bastard together but by the time he was done he thought it was good enough to blast out for folks to listen and we approve! Not much for the "kandy" scene myself, usually I feel like punching those kids in the face on sight.

I sincerely despise Nicki Minaj and basically everything coming from the Young Money camp of late but Flubba did this remix right. The thought of this biatch getting stung in her most sensitive of areas puts a smile on my face I must say even if that isn't what she was going for.

Mackai going hard on these remix contests so I thought I'd try and help him out by blasting his latest out to you. Love this moombah-fied sucker, nice and steady but also taking shit to a heavy level like you KNOW we enjoy.

Here's another track from Jay Fay's latest release Oops which is out now. This kid just can't miss IMHO; big time support from A LOT of folks in the game as well. Brent Tactic told me this could be his favorite release of the year so do yourself a favor and BUY IT ALREADY!

Next we have a fine gem from north of the border with Calgary's A-Mac teaming up with his homeboy NcLovin who won't need a fake ID to get wasted and spin this track. I have a lot of respect for a producer who includes horse sounds regularly so you know I'm digging this one.

Slowin' things down a little--bringing the sexy back as they say--here's a Tactic remix of R&B superstar  the Dream.  Smooth as silk, the moombahsoul bros are at it again giving you a little something to relax to with your chick.

Last but certainly not least we have yet another jam from this dude Neki Stranac who seems to be on point right now, churning out remix after remix of top quality production...this track is making me thirsty. So that'll about wrap us right on up for this hump day MTH special. Hope you dig all these tracks, make sure to support these artists however possible and at all times remember: 1) wear your seatbelt, 2) drink whiskey neat and, 3) BANG YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HEAD!

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