Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Tape Action

JASON LIVES! Just kidding, that fool is dead and buried.  He'll have plenty of time back in hell to relive some of his best kills though but don't think today is an unlucky day because we've got some MOST EXCELLENT mixtapes to get your weekend started off right.  This week we've got great stuff yet again from ETC! ETC! and Benzona, Astronomar, Sazon Booya, and much more so let's just right in feet first.

So if you're a week 2 Coachella person you'll be especially excited about these mixes because you can sit back in your nice warm and DRY apartment and kick out the jams.  If you wanna laugh at those fools getting drenched at the polo grounds check out the live stream of the mayhem RIGHT HERE.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I'm out!

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