Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jon Kwest Heading West in Support of Debut

"I've seen....attack ships on fire off the shores of Orion"
His Last Don EP comes out next Tuesday but it looks like Jon Kwest and Think 2wice Records are giving everyone a listen early.  This comes ahead of a west coast trip for the Bmore native who will play at San Francisco's SOM-Bar this Sunday at Moombah Sauce.  As far as what he's prepared for, Kwest told SF Station, "Being somewhere where people actually want to be is fun. I have some Bay Area songs I’m gonna play, see what peoples reactions are." Check out a selection from Kwest's forthcoming release.  And follow the jump for two bonus remixes!
Skratch Riddim by Jon Kwest
This is really my favorite Kwest original of the bunch as it showcases his bouncy nature.  It feels like I'm already in the club getting ready to shuffle onto the dance floor after a couple drinks at the bar.
Stabbin Cabin by Jon Kwest
Kwest turns to one of his many specialties here with "Stabbin Cabin", a laid back soul filled track that calls on its listener to keep up the pace.

Here are two remixes also on The Last Don.

Guapo Feo contributed this flip and turned "Whaddatt" into a lurky, bass driven monster ready to scare you out of your seat.

Lastly here's label honcho Ben Tactic with an uptempo flip of the title track.  "The Last Don" sits well at 127 and this remix keeps the surly tone of the release in tact.

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